Our Programs

Our objective

Prayatan Foundation is trying with great efforts to help the poor and needy people by giving basic requirements of living. They don't have enough shelter to live, food to eat, no medical treatment and not be able to pay educational fee. They fail to meet the basic requirements. It is Noble cause that caring for the poor and needy people. on the other hand, with blessings of God and feel pleasure to give right direction and with great efforts in raising poor and needy people. we want to make sure them self reliant and live with honour.

Ethical cooperation

Giving them moral support. By providing them with the opportunities to improve their condition.

Charitable help

Providing financial assistance to the poor and the needy people. We solve the basic problem s of living.

Donate Groceries/ needy things

Donating eatables , clothes , money can help the poor and needy people

Volunteering assistance

Volunteering time and skills can help the poor and needy people. Arraing the donation camp, free health camp , Job placement camp. .

Educate poor and needy people

Give free education to the poor and needy people to stand on their feet. They can get out from hardships of life.

Designing to solve an environmental problem

As you know that the world is suffering from fatal environmental issues may include climate change , deadly pollution and global warming . Prayatan Foundation is trying hard to get relief from environmental problem and raise awareness regarding pollution. Let's make India green. Our aim to go green , Live green. Protect our beautiful ❤️ environment.