About Us

Prayatan Foundation

With pleasure and honor for us that Prayatan Foundation is playing vital role for humanity and welfare for poor and needy people. It is usually.non- profit organization under the societies registration act of 1860 based in New Delhi. Our N.G.O has been in operation since....... They key aspects of non- profits are accountability , trustworthiness, no greediness and the honesty openness to everyone/person who has invested time, money and faith in to the organization.

Helping poor and needy person can bring happiness :-- It is heart-- wrenching to see that poor and needy person community are living without food , clothes , education and shelter. Our objectives to help the poor and needy people by providing the basic requirements so that They can live happily in their life. Our aim to stand on their feet , truly should the ideal pick. We have to take the social responsibility to up liftment of poor people and make better future for poor people. Help the poor children get education : -- our organization has goal to provide the education by teaching them , as per need to provide the free books and stationary things to poor children. On the other hand, It creates a trust in which people will donate money for educating or free tuition for poor children.


Our aim to have positive way the transformation in poor condition to improve through equitable opportunity and inclusive development efforts.

Vision power

Kindness, generosity and positive action where every poor and needy person has the opportunity to live a healthy and happy productive life. To be an end to end community based solutions provider in the areas of help the poor and needy people , education, health , happiness and sustainable livelihood for vulnerable communities.

Solutions to the burning issues of environmental : -- our organization is paying attention towards the burning issues of environmental by providing plants and raise awareness to the people. It should constitute an important part of with great efforts to preserve water, energy and protect our environment/ earth.

There are several ways mean to help the needy but nothing work better than making a contribution to an organization dedicated to helping poor community battle poverty. Not only do you bring about huge change on the ground. But also get donation tax benefits as an added advantage apart from donation , volunteer, becoming a fundraiser and for a cause are some other ways to fight the menace of poverty in India. Let's Make helping hand to serve the poor needy people.

Efforts towords Happiness

You can change life of lots by donating a little